The Architects Set

kr 220 DKK

At the heart of this beautiful collaboration is the complicity of the two french Design Houses, cinqpoints and La Petite Papeterie Française. The vision of this joint project is a set of design tools, as a tribute to the architect profession, from the first sketch to the building site.

Write on walls, draw, conceive together, from the sketch to the building site.

Handmade in Paris.

- Renzo is about project demands, precision and eye for detail. His pencil is hard, precise and sharp (2H).

- Frank is about sketches and lines, curved and free as his mind. His pencil is thick and soft for smooth lines. (2B).

- Zaha is about form and substance. A strong character and, through white on black drawing, the assertion of her personality and a non-conventional talent. Her pencil only express itself on a dark medium (white pen).

- Jean is about details, annotations, in red of course! (red pen).

- Rudy is about construction. His pencil is the one of a mason, able to write directly on concrete (3B).

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